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Exposure to new audiences will ensure that you pick up new subscribers for your show, and along the way bring them into your digital world. Leverage these new audience members, alongside your existing ones, into new and exciting revenue opportunities. >> New Audience’s= New Revenue !!

Getting your podcast ranked higher in iTunes is critical to securing better guests, widening your reach and finding new audiences. Without decent visibility inside of iTunes you’ll be forever stuck with B-list guests. Move your iTunes rankings up and at the same time move your show up into the world of A-list guests all the while increasing the reach of your show.

>> Higher Ranking = Better Guests !!

Higher rankings in iTunes will ensure that the invitations that you send out to prospective guests are received in a much more timely fashion. Imagined sending an invitation with the subject line:

>> Better Guests= More Exposure !!

The ability to attract new guests to your show because of higher rankings will give your show new and welcome exposure to an audience that you may not otherwise be able to penetrate without those A-list guests. Leverage the A-list social media to drive the growth of your show.

>> More Exposure= New Audience’s !!

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