Podcasting is fun, we love it and there is nothing better than getting another episode recorded, produced and out to our audience.However, that said, iTunes estimates that there are more than 250,000 unique podcasts in more than 100 languages amounting to more than 8-million episodes.The whole reason to podcast is to get your message to a wider audience and share your work, but with all of the other shows out there who is going to know about your show unless you promote it?There are the conventional ways of promotion, like social media and other forms of advertising, and they all work well, however if your not in the Top-200 in iTunes then you will simply not be found by the new listeners that want to hear your show. You must therefore do something to promote it.

Our service is cost effective, it gets results and allows you to invite new and higher profile guests much more easily. Once you have the rankings and the accolades to lead with, your shows reach will increase as will your ability to attract a better guest. Without this, you may struggle to ever secure an A-lister.